What to Look Out For When You Trade With China?

First of all, it is necessary to confirm the information of the company to be traded in China and to determine whether the persons who are connected are from the same company. Making a review visit to the first company to be worked on will be useful before you start trading on your behalf. In this way you will confirm the legitimacy of the company.

  • Hotmail, yahoo, gmail, such as the general e-mail addresses to pay attention to communication, if possible should not use. The mailer that starts with sales01, sales02 is generally not the manufacturer but the seller. There may be people trying to navigate B2B sites like Alibaba and get customers. The accuracy of the information should be thoroughly researched and confirmed.
  • You should also call the company by phone and get detailed information and contact with the authorized person. If the plants are located separately, detailed address information or map information should be requested.
  • If possible, ask for references from other countries. Confirm that they are the right references by passing the reference via email or phone to the contacts.
  • Tell them you will visit the company you will communicate with and evaluate how they are doing it. If necessary, appoint someone from your company to do this visit. This may be somewhat burdensome in terms of material, but it is necessary to minimize the risk factor. There are companies deemed to be deceiving as we will make such visits in your name. The money you spend will be on the money.
  • It is imperative to make quality control and installation visits to a company that will be working for the first time. These checks made during the production phase and after they are completed must be made in order to ensure that the supplier meets your quality and customary requirements.