About Us

Increase your import power with Ant Consultancy!

Our company is founded by trained and experienced people who will focus on international trading and customers, will be in your service completely and will enable you to trade with China smoothly.

The best quality and price are available at different locations in the city of Guanco to investigate. Our head office is located in Guanco (Guangzhou), Guangdong province, and serves with our staff focused on supporting our customers' purchases.

The city of Guanco is home to the China Import and Export Fair Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, twice a year.

Our company is located in Yiwu, an important wholesaler and logistics center in northern China, in Shanghai, Beijing and surrounding. It also provides services in major trade centers.

As Ant Consultancy our goals are common!

The fact that our esteemed businessmen who are interested in importing and exporting with China are foreigners to China.

Which is a distant country, and that there is no language, no cultural heritage, and that they do not have the necessary procedures in the context of trade with China, bring chaos and distress to live in trade with China.

Our main goal is to help minimize the chaos, distress and risks. The fact that we are in China for many years, the language of this country and the domination of the cultural and commercial structure, have enabled our customers to import and export safely and comfortably.

Along with the Turkish market, companies in many countries such as Germany, America, Canada, Britain and Russia have been opportunity keys in China and we have made it easier by solving the knots in their projects. If you need reliable people who will be eye and ear, we are here.

Why Ant Consulting?

For those who are too big for our country, China means a great threat to those who are. It is now up to you to remove these threats by working with a team that is young, dynamic and growing day by day. We are in the People's Republic of China with our vast experience in follow-up processes such as product research, product control, factory inspection, and goods shipment.

Our aim is to bring you reliable buyers and sellers in all products that you think you should buy from China or sell in HONESTY. It is risky and inconvenient for you to trade in China without an experienced consultant who can help you in every way. It is more difficult to find the right intermediary in China than to find a company with market share, which is an import and export authority, which is not easy to find.

Our company is not a seller but a service company. It does not matter to us which fabric the desired product is taken from, which is the most suitable factory for the benefit of our customers.

We are working to give you the best service with our experienced and experienced cadres who speak Turkish, Chinese, English and Spanish. Let's grow your goals together with the services we provide in the process from the discovery of your wealth to the delivery of it to you without any problems.

Our Partners

We are happy to see you among our references and business partners. We thank our customers who say that we care about our work.

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